2019 Ram 1500 Rebel: Wheel, Tire Upgrades For The Win By KEN BRUBAKER

April 17 2024 – eStore Center

One of the first upgrades many off-roaders make to their 4x4s is more aggressive tires and aftermarket wheels. Sometimes these upgrades are made right off the showroom floor, while other times it happens down the line when the life of the OE tires is exhausted. In the case of this 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel, a set of Arroyo Tires Tamarock M/T tires and a set of Lock Off-Road Krawler wheels were the magic needed to improve traction and aesthetics.

A set of Arroyo Tires’ Tamarock M/T tires and a set of Lock Off-Road Krawler wheels improved the Ram Rebel’s traction and aesthetics.

About The Ram 1500 Rebel

The Ram 1500 Rebel has an interesting history. Most importantly, it has a collection of off-road-centric features. The Rebel’s first model year was 2015. It was introduced as a crew cab with a 5-foot, 7-inch bed. Some of its features included an air suspension, a 1-inch suspension lift, 33-inch tires, and custom-tuned Bilstein shocks. Each model year thereafter was tweaked with new features. The 2019 Rebel was fitted with redesigned remote-reservoir Bilstein shocks. Furthermore, the truck had a unique rear suspension geometry shared with 4×4 Off-Road Package Ram 1500s. Additionally, the 2019 Rebel came with an electronic-locking rear differential and hefty front tow hooks with wide bumper openings for ease of use. But that’s not all. The Rebel was also fitted with transfer case, steering system, oil pan, and fuel tank skidplates. Finally, a coil spring setup with 1-inch lift became standard and the air suspension became optional.

The Arroyo Tamarock M/Ts and Lock Off-Road Krawler wheels are a great addition to the dirt-ready Ram 1500 Rebel.

Project Rebel Rouser

This 2019 Rebel, we’re calling Project Rebel Rouser, has been a solid, reliable truck. It’s been good on the road and the trail. It’s used as a daily driver for commuting and is often used to tow a 7,500-pound travel trailer. Off-road, the truck is used to explore mild- to medium-challenge trails. As good as the truck is in stock form, there’s room for improvement. With that said, we set out to make some changes to the truck that would make it better. In this story, we’re addressing two areas. One is to improve the truck’s traction with more aggressive tires. The second is to give our now five-year-old truck a new look with aftermarket wheels. For tires, we chose the Arroyo Tires Tamarock M/T. Our wheel choice is the Lock Off-Road Krawler.

The Ram 1500 Rebel’s off-road performance is enhanced by the Tamarock M/Ts. The aggressive sidewall design helps prevent damage and enhances grip.

Arroyo Tires Tamarock M/T Tires

The Tamarock M/T is a mud-terrain tire that also excels in conditions like rain and snow. Part of its capabilities lie in its aggressive silica tread blocks. Furthermore, the tire is equipped with large sidewall lugs explicitly designed for self-cleaning. This helps provide additional traction on rocky and muddy terrain. The rigid center blocks feature siping, which enhances the tire’s gripping ability. It also helps to resist tire damage by preventing the buildup of stones. To optimize driving performance, the tire incorporates an ideal ratio of rubber and void on the tread, coupled with a special stepped-edge treatment. This combination helps remove debris, even under extreme off-road conditions. For wear and puncture resistance, the tire features an aggressive sidewall design that not only prevents damage, but also enhances grip when in deep mud or rock climbing.

Lock Off-Road Krawler Wheels

Lock Off-Road’s Krawler wheel is the most aggressive design in the company’s lineup. It incorporates advanced Deep Step Lip Technology and features a progressive outer spoke design. This culminates in a visually striking, yet rugged construction. The wheel includes a custom matte-finish snap-on center cap, bearing the Lock logo. The Krawler series wheels offer three special TACT-coated finishes: Matte Black, Matte Gunmetal, and Matte Bronze. These finishes not only enhance the wheel’s appearance, but also provide resilience against harsh on- and off-road elements. The Krawler is available in sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches.

Lock Off-Road’s Krawler wheel is the most aggressive design in the company’s lineup. It offers a visually striking, yet rugged design. And it’s easy to clean after hitting the dirt.

Arroyo Tires Tamarock M/T tires And Lock Off-Road Krawler Wheels

The goal of the tire upgrade was to improve the truck’s traction off-road while retaining optimum on-road drivability. The owner of the Rebel also wanted to increase the wheel size from 18 to 20 inches. With that said, we ordered the Arroyo Tamarock M/T in size 33×12.50R20LT. This replaces the stock LT275/70R18 tires, which are about the same overall diameter. This means no axle regearing was necessary. The 33-inch Tamarock M/Ts have a max load of 3,000 pounds and max inflation of 80 psi. The truck’s owner selected the Lock Offroad Crawler wheels in Matte Bronze finish. The wheels are 10 inches wide, have 4.79-inch backspacing, -18mm offset, a load rating of 2,500 pounds, and each weighs 42 pounds.

Arroyo Tamarock M/Ts in size 33×12.50R20LT replaced LT275/70R18 tires.

Install And Testing Of The Tires And Wheels

Mounting and balancing the Arroyo Tamarock M/T and Lock Off-Road Krawler wheels was a no-drama affair. In fact, the combination required only a small amount of weight to achieve balance. The owner reused the Rebel’s factory TPMS sensors but needed to order new lug nuts to get the proper length. The owner reports that the Tamarock M/Ts are “by far the quietest mud-terrain tire I’ve ever experienced.” And he notes that the tire and wheel combination has made a noticeable improvement in on-road stability. He also lauds the load range F classification, which is great for his towing needs. Off-road, the owner reports that the tire has performed very well. The compound is pliable and offers great traction. He is also very pleased with the Lock Off-Road wheels. He likes the design and appreciates that due in part to ample spoke spacing they’re easy to clean after an off-road foray.

The Lock Off-Road Krawler wheel is designed with a simulated beadlock.

The Bottom Line

The upshot is that this Ram 1500 Rebel now has improved traction and handling. And aesthetically, the wheel and tire combination has greatly improved the appearance of the truck, giving it a beefier look. We’d say it’s a win on every level.



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