Legendary in the art of off-roading.

Our history in quality wheel manufacturing has brought us to the pinnacle - LOCK OFFROAD WHEELS. With a multi-terrain performance wheel concept, we have incorporated our 30-year background in producing iconic brands in every major automotive category: Racing, & Off-Road to launch the latest addition to our wheel manufacturing pedigree. Bold symbolic designs integrated with high-quality manufacturing processing enable un-countered durability & strength in our wheels. From every aspect of enhanced visual appearances, LOCK OFFROAD WHEELS features modern streamlined designs accompanied by today's most popular colorways to fully enable that custom-tailored look for your vehicle.Lock-Rock & Roll on your next offroad adventure!

Special “T.A.C.T.” wheel coating for the perfect finish & durability.

Our coating is designed to take on all the elements, mother nature can dish out gnarly natural materials which can harm or destroy many paint finishes on the market. We went with a scientific approach during the formulation of our T.A.C.T. coatings so your Lock Offroad Wheels retain a stunning appearance.

What does T.A.C.T. stand for?

Tough-Application-Chemically-Treated coatings.

Where You At?

Based out of Vernon, CA our 300,000 sq ft facility houses our entire wheel lineup, ready to distribute all across the nation reaching every point virtually possible.

Lockin’ and Loading

Lock wheels are designed for light/medium trucks & SUV’s. Each wheel has a load rating ranging from 2500-3700 lbs. Wheels are designed with proprietary step positions to allow for better seating in low-air-pressure environments. Enduring vigorous testing by today’s self-proclaimed off-roading authorities, Lock Off Road Wheels has got all the boxes checked to tackle on that next trail!